Greenhouse products:
Iranian greenhouse products are exporting to Europe, Russia and Arabic countries
Today, we offer an extensive greenhouse product like greenhouse tomatoes, greenhouse cucumber, bell pepper, eggplant
, olives and many other products
فروش محصولات کشاورزي(سيب زميني ، سير ، پياز و محصولات گلخانه اي)براي مصارف داخلي و خارجي با بسته بندي هاي مختلف و صادراتي
Bell pepper:
A wonderful combination of tangy taste and crunchy texture
Bell pepper is not only an excellent source of carotenoids, but also a source of over 30 different members of the carotenoid nutrient family.
Our peppers are available in the main colors of red, yellow, orange and green. Each pepper color has its own unique flavor. This means that peppers offer a wide variety of uses, in salads and hot dishes or as a snack.
We are exporting peppers to Europe, England, Russia and Arabian countries and our products are popular in those countries.

Cucumber and tomato: We are offering our client an excellent quality range of cucumbers and tomatoes. Our product ensures high durability at its user end. Our products are available at most affordable prices. Iranian cucumber has high quality and is popular in Russia. Lots of Russian traders are importing cucumber from Iran.
Other glasshouse products: we can also supply best Eggplants in excellent packing.
Olive tomatoes and Cherry Tomatoes are produced in Iran and we can offer our client an excellent quality range of olive tomatoes and Cherry Tomatoes.
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فلفل دلمه سبز فلفل دلمه قرمز فلفل دلمه
گلخانه فلفل دلمه فلفل دلمه داخل جعبه قارچ
فلفل دلمه داخل جعبه گوجه گلخانه اي
گوجه زيتوني
خيار داخل پلاستيک سپس کارتن بسته بندی خیار
خیار خاردار خیار زمینی خیار زمینی
گوجه زمینی گوجه زمینی داخل سبد گوجه زمینی